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As you grow older your hair growth cycle cannot keep up with the rate of your hair loss. Salmetto’s hair loss solution results are the best with subjects whose hair are still in the growth cycle and is receding or thinning. Salmetto is about power – natural, herbal, organic power.


*Results Not Typical


It’s a slim market for natural hair loss solution pills for women. I purchased your product in March and by July I could notice my hair getting thicker. Just ordered a 6 month supply ...*

Kelly Jo, 56, Fremont CA

I was sick of wearing hats every day and avoiding the swimming pool. I had tried seemingly every solution with no luck. I bought a laser comb and it irritated my scalp. I’ve been using Salmetto now for 5 months and have defiantly noticed new hair growing....*

Kevin ,F 36, Cleveland, OH

I was scared of the crazy side effects that were associated with prescription meds. I'm more of a natural kind of guy and not to mention on somewhat of a budget. I was only taking Salmetto hair loss supplement for three weeks when I started to notice less and less hair falling out. I noticed there was no more hair on my pillow in the morning or in my hat at the end of the day. Within a few months my thin scalp started to fill in. I couldn't believe it! I feel confident again and I can leave the house without my hat on! I just ordered a 6 month supply. Thank you!!*

Jason D, Buffalo NY, 41

There is no worse feeling a man can experience than losing his hair. I started to notice my hair falling out at the age of 20. I lost confidence and was terrified of what others thought. My mother bought me a three month supply of Salmetto for Christmas. She loved the whole natural part of it. It turned out to be the best Christmas gift ever! It wasn't long before my nasty bald spot started to disappear. My hair is really growing back. This stuff works great!*

Donny Z, Oakland CA, 33

*Results Not Typical

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