Hair Loss Supplement Testimonials

Real Testimonials from Verified Purchases for Salmetto Hair Loss Supplement

Salmetto hair loss supplement has changed the lives of our customers and their before and after photos are a testament to that. Take a look below and see how our all-natural hair growth supplement has thickened and increased hair growth time and time again! Don’t wait any longer to combat your hair loss, Shop Now.*

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“I was scared of the crazy side effects that were associated with prescription meds. I’m more of a natural kind of guy and not to mention on somewhat of a budget. I was only taking Salmetto hair loss supplement for three weeks when I started to notice less and less hair falling out. I noticed there was no more hair on my pillow in the morning or in my hat at the end of the day. Within a few months my thin scalp started to fill in. I couldn’t believe it! I feel confident again and I can leave the house without my hat on! I just ordered a 6 month supply. Thank you!!” – Jason D, Buffalo, NY, Age 41*

*Results Not Typical

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“There is no worse feeling a man can experience than losing his hair. I started to notice my hair falling out at the age of 20. I lost confidence and was terrified of what others thought. My mother bought me a three month supply of Salmetto for Christmas. She loved the whole natural part of it. It turned out to be the best Christmas gift ever! It wasnt long before my nasty bald spot started to disappear. My hair is really growing back. This stuff works great!” – Donny Z, Oakland CA, Age 33*

*Results Not Typical

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“I was way too young to be going bald and a bald spot was the last thing I needed. I went online and looked at medications, but the potential side effects scared me. I figured I’d try a natural supplement first, so I ordered a bottle of Salmetto. It turned out to be the best decision I made. I took two pills every day for three months and before I knew it, my thin spot was way less noticeable. I’m so happy I went with Salmetto, it changed my life.” – Mark O, Indianapolis, IN, Age 29*

*Results Not Typical

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“I didn’t think there was any hope for my big bald spot that began to appear at the age of 41. I was uncomfortable with a surgery that would dice up my head and prescription meds just aren’t my thing. So i looked into a more natural product and I’m glad I did. Thanks to your hair loss supplement product I have seen great results. I’m a lifetime customer.” – Brett, New York, NY, Age 42*

*Results Not Typical

Uses of a Hair Loss Supplement

Essentially it should help stop hair loss, trigger hair regrowth, better hair health, and even increase hair volume. Oftentimes they have been shown to be quite effective. The supplements can be both mineral and vitamin supplements. For instance, using zinc as a hair loss supplement can result in benefits such as hair regrowth as well as healing dandruffs.

Other hair loss supplements consist of plant extracts such as apple, thyme, lavender, or rosemary extracts which help heal hair loss. Animal extracts such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are also used in creating hair loss supplements that have caused significant hair growth in a number of users. Supplements are usually effective in treating hair loss, especially when the hair loss is temporary. Nevertheless, they can still be effective in handling more permanent forms of hair loss, for instance, male pattern baldness.

Procedures for Taking Hair Loss Supplements

Most supplements are mostly in the form of tablets, especially for dietary hair loss supplements such as zinc. However, some supplements are applied topically to the areas affected by the hair loss to trigger hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles, especially for supplements made from plant extracts. Other supplements can be added to food or taken on their own to stimulate hair growth from within the body.

Effects of a Hair Loss Supplement

Most are safe to use. Nevertheless, some degree of caution must be exercised when purchasing and using supplements. For instance, zinc supplements can at times contain high levels of cadnium, which is a metal that occurs together with zinc. Consumption of high levels of cadnium can result in kidney failure over time. So, for instance, it wold be safer to use a zinc supplement that consists of zinc gluconate, as this version of zinc supplement has the lowest levels of cadnium.

Basically, the user should be cautious about the way supplements are processed before using them. Checking for things such as FDA approval can also help determine whether a certain supplement is safe for use. It is also important not to go above the stipulated dosage with the reasoning that a higher dosage will result in faster recovery or better results. More often than not, this can result in adverse side effects.


While choosing among choices of a hair loss supplement, it is important to try and get to the bottom of the hair loss problem in question. Temporary hair loss could be the product of dietary deficiencies, in which case the use of supplements would be ideal in handling the hair loss problem. However, that is not to say permanent hair loss problems cannot benefit from supplements. Some powerful and scientifically proven hair loss remedies have been shown to be quite effective in treating all kinds of hair loss problems.