One of the best hair loss treatment products and 6 reasons why

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March 19, 2017
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One of the best hair loss treatment products and 6 reasons why

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There are many reasons people earnestly seek for the best hair loss treatment. Chief among them is to fight the onset of baldness, hiding hair loss or to promote hair growth. Treatments for hair loss include laser therapy, medications, surgery and when you need to hide hair loss, wearing a wig or hair piece. This can affect your self-esteem and diminish your chances at achieving happiness in life.

Some types of hair loss can be treated effectively. They’ll help the hair start to re-grow within a year or less. But many others are not effective and do not provide any results.

If the cause of your hair loss is an underlying disease, it will be necessary first to treat the disease. This may include medications to reduce inflammation and inhibit your immune system. But if certain drugs are causing hair loss, your doctor will advise you to stop using them for at least two months.

The loss of hair in men and women is called androgenetic alopecia and it appears as we age. Hair loss is triggered by the hormone testosterone in men and estrogenic in women, as the hormones form a molecule called DHT. Men have more testosterone than women, and this explains the reason balding is more common in men than in women.

Initially, men experience an M-shaped pattern when the hair starts to thin. The thinning affects the entire scalp in women but rarely results in baldness. Because hair loss causes issues with self-esteem in men, and it’s so common, it’s no wonder people are desperate to re-grow their hair by turning to herbal remedies. Salmetto is currently one of the best hair loss treatment herbal remedies people use to try to slow down hair loss or re-grow it. Many doctors recommend Salmetto to their patients. Salmetto brings many benefits to people willing to re-grow their hair naturally.

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Here are six secrets why you should consider Salmetto as your best hair loss treatment of choice:

1. It Reduces DHT Activity

DHT is the molecule that undoubtedly causes male pattern baldness. It hastens the reduction of the follicles that support hair growth to get thinner and thinner and in time causing the hair to lack a support base and hence disappear. DHT is made from testosterone, prostate gland, and testes. DHT is an androgen hormone, and it plays a crucial role in the formation of both male and female genres. Big doses of DHT contribute to hair loss, among other problems.

Salmetto is a tested herb that blocks DHT and has been studied extensively. One aspect of Salmetto that aroused huge interest to researchers is the presence of a particular plant called beta-sitosterol. Its androgen effects were directly linked to the inhibition of an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductace type 2, which the body needs to convert testosterone into DHT.

2. It Contains Vital Fatty Acids

Salmetto contains high amounts of fatty acids. Fatty acids are useful in stimulating hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. If hair follicles are strong, they minimize chances of a DHT attack.

3. Salmetto Balances Your Body Hormones

Hair loss can be triggered by an imbalance in body hormones. To stop hair loss, it’s essential to learn how to balance your body hormones and one effective way is by using Salmetto. It primarily works by stimulating the functions of testosterone and androgen.

4. Salmetto is 100% All Natural

Salmetto, which is a herbal product, contains no chemical substances that can harm your health. Salmetto’s popularity among hair-loss patients borrows heavily on its similarity to finasteride, a compound used to treat enlarged prostate, and Propecia, which is used in the management of hair loss.

5. Scientific Evidence

While Salmetto has not undergone the exhaustive tests required for FDA approval, there are many smaller research studies conducted on its efficacy to minimize and stop hair loss. One study featured in Journal of Contemporary and Alternative Medicine stated that 60 percent of those who took a combination of 500mg of Salmetto and 100mg of Beta-sitosterol recorded more hair growth than those who received a placebo.

6. Sametto is Highly Rated Among Clinics and Web Categories

Category A clinics have well tested Salmetto and there is sufficient evidence of its use as treatment for hair loss. The Mayo Clinic gives Salmetto an “A” rating for hair loss treatment, which means there is “substantial scientific evidence for the use”.

So, if you’ve exhausted your search for reliable, affordable and effective hair loss treatment remedies, embracing the Salmetto brand is one of the best hair loss treatment decisions you’re likely to make in a long time. Try it now and see REAL RESULTS!


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