Salmetto hair loss supplement and what you need to know about it

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Salmetto hair loss supplement and what you need to know about it

Hair loss is a common problem that people experience all over the world. Though men have typically been associated more with this problem, women experience it too. While genes tend to play a major role, many other reasons could be at the root of a person’s hair loss problem.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a distressing situation that can strip the sufferer of their self-confidence, especially in the case of women. Fortunately, there are simple and effective solutions to this problem one of which will be discussed in this article, i.e. the popular hair loss supplement called Salmetto.

Facts about Salmetto and how it works

Salmetto is a 100% natural supplement used for hair loss treatment in men and women. It is popularly known for its efficiency in hair building and its ability to fight hair loss in both genders.

The key ingredient in the Salmetto supplement is saw palmetto extract from the fruit of the saw palmetto plant (serenoa repens). This extract is then combined with other naturally occurring herbs to create the clinically proven solution known as Salmetto. The saw palmetto plant is a bushy palm native to parts of the U.S. along the coast of South Carolina to Florida, then in parts of Southern California. It also grows in parts of the Mediterranean area in Europe.

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To better understand how this supplement works, one would need to consider some of the underlying causes of the most common causes of hair loss in the first place. Androgenetic alopecia, for instance, is an inherited hair loss condition that manifests as bald spots in males and overall hair thinning, or diffuse hair loss, in females.

Sufferers present with abnormally high levels of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that plays a major role in both male and female baldness. DHT gradually shrinks hair follicles causing the hair to fall out. Without some sort of intervention, the affected follicles will not produce new hair growth, eventually leading to the infamous bald patch and hair thinning problem. Salmetto works by blocking the production of DHT naturally without any chemical side effects of any kind. Salmetto also blocks 5-alpha-reductase, a group of enzymes that reduces testosterone by converting it into dihydrotestosterone. Gradually, as the cause of the hair loss is arrested, the hair follicles are restored leading to new, thicker, healthier hair regrowth.

Effectiveness and safety of Salmetto

With age, a person’s hair growth cycle cannot match hair loss rate leading to their hair thinning or receding. The Salmetto hair loss supplement works best for users under the age of 50 and for people still experiencing a hair growth phase. Users between the ages of 18 and 35 are most likely to still have growing hair and this age group experiences the best results. Even then, men and women of all ages can still benefit from using Salmetto. Users can expect positive results after using it for about 90 days (three to six months).

Salmetto is a completely safe herbal supplement with no reported side effects. Users can start, or stop, taking Salmetto at any time they wish without damaging their health in any way.

All ingredients used in making Salmetto are in compliance with the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) safety requirements of the FDA.

How to use this supplement

Salmetto hair loss supplement is very easy to use. It comes in pill form to be taken orally twice daily (one capsule twice a day).


– Salmetto will restore your hair without compromising your health.

– No surgery or other painful medical intervention is required.

– Salmetto will not cause any of the side effects (birth defects, infertility, erectile dysfunction, cancer etc.), of other chemical medications formulated to combat hair loss.

– No withdrawal symptoms. Users can start or stop using it at any time they wish.


– None reported but users with sensitive stomachs are advised to swallow the pills with food.

Hair loss remains a common problem to both genders and almost everyone knows someone presently dealing with this problem. The health and fashion industry continue to produce products every year with minimal to no effect on restoring hair loss. Salmetto brings relief to countless people because it is created by a team of experts that have experienced hair loss problems and come up with an effective, safe and organic solution. Shop Now!


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